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Tula Health combine state-of-art technology and service that support you in your management and control of diabetes.

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How it works

Tula Health, a digital health platform, combines state-of-the-art technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning with 24/7 monitoring and engagement services to produce lower healthcare costs and improved health.

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About Tula

  • With Tula’s Genie and a companion smartwatch you will better understand your body’s unique characteristics as you monitor and track your blood sugar, steps, sleep and heart rate.

Medical support 24/7

Unleash your inner strength, and don’t let diabetes slow you down! Tula provides you with a tailored network of support that keeps you on track with your goals and treatment plans so you can enjoy the vibrant life you deserve.


Blood Sugar

Keep your blood sugar consistently supervised and under control

Heart Rate

Manage your cordial health with analysis of your heart rate


Monitor your daily actvity via steps counter


Track changes in your biorhythms and sleep quality

Health risks reduction in numbers

In kidney failure
Reduction in amputation
In nerve disease (neuropathy)
In eye disease (retinopathy)
In foot ulcers
In nonfatal heart attack,
stroke, or death from
cardiovascular causes

Save money with Tula

With no real-time visibility and accountability, most patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses don’t understand the importance of managing their health until they are in the emergency room.

  • Healthy
  • COPD
  • Diabetes
  • CHF
*Spending per year


Why us

Tula provides personalized population health management. Tula understands that everyone’s story and jorney ara different.

Because each member is unique, Tula builds a personalized support team to empower members in achieving their individual wellness goals.

Tula Health
Human onboarding
Real-Time Biometrics
24/7 Bidirectional Communication
Proactive Outreach
Aligned Personal Support Team
Incentive Programs

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