We combine state-of-the-art monitoring technology with 24/7 support and encouragement that engages members in changing their behaviors and improving their health while reducing their overall cost of care. It’s chronic care reimagined.


We actively create and shape the future by empowering people to live active, healthy lives. We reduce the cost of care through personal interactions, artificial intelligence, and wearable technologies, helping people rise above chronic disease.

Human Touch
People engage in their health
Ambulance calls
ER Visit
Outpatient stay
Inpatient stays
Office visits

Client`s results

When members engage and properly manage their health, they lower their healthcare costs and experience better outcomes. We have achieved such results with current clients.

Measurable results

With no real-time visibility and accountability, most patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses don’t understand the importance of managing their health until they are in an emergency.

Members can go online at any time to view their readings, set goals and even share information with their physician or family members.

Advanced technology

Monitor blood sugar, heart rate, sleep, activity

Personalized support

24/7 support and engagement (human touch)

Become a partner

Our partners are sharing expertise and resources. Not only can proper management affect short-term costs by as much as 20-30%.